Water/wastewater providers

Local providers are primarily municipal governments or special water districts, with some areas served by other suppliers.

Sources of water in Central Texas are surface waters managed by the Lower Colorado River Authority, the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, and the Brazos River Authority and ground waters from the Edwards Aquifer and the Trinity Aquifer. Regional planning groups assuring water sustainability and reliability in Central Texas are the South Central Texas Regional Water Planning Group, the Lower Colorado Regional Water Planning Group, and the Brazos Water Planning Group.

The region's largest municipal supplier, the City of Austin Water Utility, meets the water needs of some of the region's largest industrial operations:

  • The Austin Water Utility is committed to the highest quality level of water and wastewater service that meets and exceeds all State and Federal quality standards as well as reasonable customer expectations concerning cost, reliability, quality, and environmental sensitivity.
  • The utility has extensive long-range water supply plans and has executed an agreement for a guaranteed water supply for the City's corporate limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction for the next 100 years.

The utility supplies approximately three billion gallons of water annually to six significant water users, four of which are semiconductor manufacturers.