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Austin Gives

Our program recognizes businesses for excellence in giving back. We highlight companies across the Austin region that donate 1% or more of their pre-tax earnings to the local community. This includes financial contributions, the donation of products/services and volunteer hours. Click below to make the pledge for this year.

Pledge 1% through Austin Gives for 2023

Who we are

Austin Gives™ is a program which recognizes and encourages business philanthropy in the Austin region. In April 2015 Austin Gives officially became a program of the Chamber in order to meet the demand for expansion and growth of the business community’s commitment to giving back. Members range from small family businesses to large corporations.

What we do

We celebrate generous Austin area businesses! Austin Gives members enjoy a variety of networking opportunities and thought-provoking programs throughout the year in addition to an invitation to our signature annual event, the Austin Gives Awards where nominees are recognized for outstanding generosity.


Corporate philanthropy is crucial for a company’s brand perception and attractiveness to customers, employees, and investors. In today’s socially conscious business environment, it is expected that businesses demonstrate commitment to purpose in addition to profit. Purpose-driven companies have a higher employee retention rate, enjoy a faster brand value growth rate, and are more appealing to current and future investors. We believe doing good is good for business and our community.

How it works

Austin Gives is a voluntary program with no cost to the participants. We invite businesses of all sizes to pledge 1% or more of their pre-tax earnings, product or services, or volunteer time to charitable causes of their choosing. Members are provided a badge to use on your company website and social media. We are asking companies to make the pledge on an annual basis. Even if you have been active in the program for years, you are encouraged to make a yearly commitment to Austin Gives.

See the List of Companies Who Have Made the 1% Pledge.

Want more information on Austin Gives? Contact Bethany Leffingwell, Senior Advisor, Social Impact at austingives@austinchamber.com.

Bobby Jenkins, Austin Gives Chair, on Local Media

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    It's time to brag about the amazing time, talent, and treasure your company contributes to our community each year. You are highly encouraged to self-nominate for a coveted Austin Gives Award! Nominations are open now through June 2 for the categories of Generous Business, Employee Engagement, and Individual Volunteer of the Year.

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