On Friday, April 3rd, we were joined by talent and human resources leaders to offer tips and advice to those seeking employment in the current economic climate and job market.

Each of the speakers reminded the audience that their organizations are hiring multiple positions:

Businesses are hiring

Some tips that the expert panel offered included:

Focus on your skills
  • Highlight your skills on your resume and LinkedIn in a way that is industry-agnostic.
  • Use common key words to feature your skills throughout your resume and LinkedIn.
  • Consider tools like StrengthsFinder and The Birkman Method to identify and promote your skill set.
  • Feature your soft skills and your technical skills - most companies are looking for both!
Stay on top of tech trends
  • Be aware of current tech buzz words that recruiters are frequently seeking.
  • Be familiar with Zoom and other virtual tools the recruiters are now using.
  • Explore online options for learning new skills.
"Now is a great time to take training"
Be prepared
  • Research the company and position thoroughly, and make sure your resume and LinkedIn align with the skills they are seeking.
  • Treat a virtual interview just as importantly as an in-person interview: look professional, be on time, stay focused, and let your personality shine through!
  • Be familiar with Zoom and other virtual meeting technology: find a quiet place in your home, think about your background, eliminate distractions, and practice using the technology ahead of time.
  • Proactively explain and provide context for any gaps in your work history.
  • Follow up with the interviewers throughout the process - a thank you email still goes a long way.
Think outside the box
  • Consider looking outside your sector and look at areas you may not have previously considered.
  • Assess your skills and look for other career paths that align with your passion - there are many public and education sector positions available.
  • Look at internships, apprenticeships, and contract positions to explore new opportunities.
Stay positive!
  • Make a list of your skills and passions and stay motivated to pursue them.
  • Keep networking virtually - connect on LinkedIn and stay connected online.
  • When going into an interview, remember the company selected you to interview, and they want you to succeed.
  • Use this time to stay in tune with the market and do research.

Moderated by

  • Dr. Adrienne Aldaco

    Director of Talent Acquisition
    Austin ISD

  • Norma Castillo

    Director of Talent Acquisition
    Austin ISD

  • Brian Ferguson

    Senior Director of Talent
    WP Engine

  • Diane Kerlin

    Talent Acquisition and Branding
    Austin Energy

  • Natalie Miller

    Associate Manager for Talent Supply Chain in Health and Public Sector

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