Local startup radically transforms the auto insurance industry

Posted on 12/13/2017 by Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce

The Zebra wins Greater Austin Business Award for innovative technology that helps 250 million drivers select car insurance

Finding affordable car insurance should be black or white. At least, that’s the motto at The Zebra.

Created in 2012, The Zebra is the nation’s largest and most visited car insurance comparison marketplace that helps drivers easily and quickly shop for car insurance online. The Zebra educates consumers with unbiased resources and advice by empowering them to make informed purchasing decisions on the more than 1,800 car insurance products offered on the market.

“Auto insurance is a $220 billion industry stuck decades in the past,” said Adam Lyons, President and Chairman of The Zebra. “We were able to alter dramatically this viewpoint with technology. Now, we serve as the only insurance comparison marketplace that offers consumers transparent recommendations that fit their needs.”

Earlier this year, The Zebra won the A-List Award of the Hottest Startups in 2016. This time around, the company received the Facebook Innovation Award. The accolade, a category of the Greater Austin Business Awards program, recognizes businesses that implement new ideas and approaches for doing business. The company uses government-reported pricing algorithms from more than 200 insurance companies to generate online quotes in a matter of seconds. This technology enables consumers to quickly compare and select the insurance company that is most aligned with their budget and coverage expectations.

“We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and progress we have made thus far,” said Lyon. “We are looking forward to the journey and the massive work that lies ahead.”

For more information on The Zebra, visit their website here.

Pictured (left to right): Ellen Wood, Chair of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce; Rob Taylor, CEO of Convey, Inc.; Adam Lyons, President and Chairman of The Zebra; Stefan Widing, Executive Vice President of Global Technologies Business Unit of HID Global; Doug Coors, founder and CEO of NLAND; and Suba Vasudevan, Director of Business Integrity, Policy, Analytics, and Technical Solutions of Facebook.

Photo Credit: @TheZebraCo

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