Austin Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors announces positions on City of Austin ballot propositions

Posted on 03/30/2021

Supports Proposition B, opposes Propositions C, E, F, G and H

AUSTIN, Texas – At its March meeting, the Austin Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors adopted positions on six of the eight ballot initiatives appearing on the City of Austin’s ballot for the May 1, 2021 election.

The board adopted the following positions:

Proposition B: The board recommends voting yes to reinstate what is commonly known as the public camping ban.

Proposition C: The board recommends voting no on the proposal that would change how the director of police oversight is appointed.

Proposition E: The board recommends voting no on the proposal to institute ranked choice voting for city elections.

Proposition F: The board recommends voting no on the proposal to change the City of Austin’s government from a council-manager system to a mayor-council system – commonly known as a strong mayor system of government.

Proposition G: The board recommends voting no on adding an additional geographic city council district for the City of Austin.

Proposition H: The board recommends voting no on the proposal to adopt a public campaign finance program in Austin – also known as Democracy Dollars.

Laura Huffman, president and CEO of the Austin Chamber of Commerce said that the role of the city manager played an important part in the deliberations on Propositions regarding the city’s form of government.

“After deliberating, the board believes that these positions will best serve the people of Austin, our business community and economy,” Huffman said. “The Chamber believes that the city manager is an essential part of our city’s government and is integral to ensuring city council policies are implemented and administered in a professional manner for the benefit of all Austinites. Further, we believe that the city manager should be given the tools needed to do this job effectively and efficiently. These considerations were vital to the board’s decisions.”

Huffman also addressed the Chamber’s ongoing commitment to the Summit to Address Unsheltered Homelessness, of which it plays an important role, in light of the board’s vote to support Proposition B.

“The Chamber is proud to be a part of the diverse coalition working to find solutions to help those experiencing homelessness in our city – with a goal of significantly reducing unsheltered homelessness in Austin in a humane and dignified manner. No matter the outcome of the election, on May 2 there will be a great deal of work and outreach needed to help those in our community who need help the most.”


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