Austin Chamber Launches Pledge 1% Campaign to Encourage Philanthropy in the Business Community

Posted on 04/10/2023

Austin Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the launch of the 2023 Pledge 1% campaign under the Austin Gives program. This campaign is aimed at increasing philanthropy in the Austin business community.

Austin Gives invites businesses of all sizes to pledge 1% or more of their pre-tax earnings, product or services, or volunteer time to charitable causes of their choosing. Austin Gives recognizes and encourages business philanthropy in the Austin region. The Pledge 1% campaign is a voluntary program with no cost to participating businesses.

“I am so excited about the Austin Gives 1% Pledge drive,” said Bobby Jenkins, Chair of the Austin Gives Committee for the Austin Chamber. “We have so many incredible businesses here in Central Texas doing so much to improve our community. Creating a groundswell of businesses taking the pledge will demonstrate how businesses can lead when it comes to philanthropy. I'm proud of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce for shining a light on generous businesses and creating a culture of giving within our business community.”

Corporate philanthropy is crucial for a company’s brand perception and attractiveness to customers, employees, and investors. In today’s socially conscious business environment, businesses are expected to demonstrate commitment to purpose and profit. Purpose-driven companies have a higher employee retention rate, enjoy a faster brand value growth rate, and are more appealing to current and future investors. The Chamber believes that doing good is good for business and the community.

“The Austin Gives program is a great service to our community to encourage the giving spirit,” said Jeremiah Bentley, Vice President, Marketing & Community Affairs for Texas Mutual. “As longtime Austin Gives members, we hope this campaign will encourage other businesses to join us in taking the 1% pledge and share their commitment to giving back.”

As part of the Austin Gives program, members enjoy a variety of networking opportunities and thought-provoking programs throughout the year, in addition to an invitation to the signature annual event, the Austin Gives Awards, where nominees are recognized for outstanding generosity.

“St. David’s HealthCare is proud to support Austin Gives, as philanthropy is at the core of our business model,” Denise Bradley, Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs at St. David's HealthCare, said. “Whether we are contributing financially through St. David's Foundation or by supporting another not-for-profit or encouraging our employees to serve by donating their time and talent, we recognize giving comes in all shapes and sizes. Together, Austin businesses can have a more meaningful impact in the Central Texas community.”

Members are given a badge to use on their company website and social media. In addition, the Chamber is asking companies to make the pledge on an annual basis, regardless of their previous participation in the program.

"We are thrilled to launch the Pledge 1% campaign as part of our ongoing commitment to promoting philanthropy in the business community," said Bethany Leffingwell, Senior Vice President of the Austin Chamber of Commerce. "We believe that by encouraging businesses to give back, we can create a more vibrant and resilient community for all."

To learn more about the Pledge 1% campaign or become an Austin Gives member, please visit