knowRx showcases its digital health solution as a first-line tool against COVID-19

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knowRx, Inc proposes the use of its digital health solution, “Individual Health Insights,” as a first-line tool to help empower patients, manage medical resources, and reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with COVID 19 disease.

At no time in American history has there been a greater challenge to our healthcare system than the environment thrusted upon all of us by the coronavirus pandemic. It is clear that patients, as well as our healthcare system, would benefit from a more timely exchange of information that helps patients make the right choices to protect themselves and their loved ones from COVID 19. Timely access to select patient information would also be of value in efforts to anticipate medical resource needs for a response to the pandemic. The knowRX digital health solution originated as a personalized medication management platform for use by individual consumers/patients and health professionals/caregivers to maintain mutually beneficial communications beyond the office encounter while avoiding workflow disruptions in the medical practice.

Growing anxiety in the American population is driving the mildly ill and the worried well to seek the attention of their healthcare providers for diagnosis and treatment of COVID 19. Our healthcare system cannot accommodate them as it is being overwhelmed by patients needing immediate attention to prevent serious morbidity and death often without adequate resources to meet the need. We have identified key features of the knowRx platform for early availability as Individual Health Insights(IHI) to help address growing concerns involving COVID 19. Individual Health Insights is simple, safe and secure to use. With its use, consumers who are confined to home can enjoy some level of support with the knowledge that their health is being directly surveilled in real-time by a healthcare professional.

How does knowRx address COVID 19 disease?

Upon activation and completion of a personal profile, the patient will receive scheduled instruction, alerts and reminders for sharing symptoms and their severity, recording of pulse, blood oxygen saturation and temperature, and recording of medication intake. While there may be no obligation to the caregiver for immediate review and response, the patient can engage care via telehealth with the shared information being available in near-real-time. Alerts to caregivers provide them the information and ability to intervene to address important issues and perhaps avoid major problems associated with the disease or medication usage, including drugs used off-label.

The knowRX Individual Health Insights extends surveillance capability with the opportunity for earlier recognition of community progression of COVID 19 through the direct capture of patient self-observations and objective data for real-time review and analysis and navigation of patients to appropriate diagnostic testing and medical care. Patient participation in this capability protects them, their care providers, as well as others in their community.

We are working very hard to assist all of you who are involved in fighting this global crisis. If you would like to cooperate with our initiative please reach out to learn more. The Individual Health Insights app will be made available to the general public and healthcare providers in the coming weeks. Read more and register for an early download or a demo for healthcare providers.

- The Founders @ knowRX


April 8, 2020

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