Yorkies of Austin made a huge splash with their launch celebration - complete with ribbon-cutting ceremony and the support of the Austin Chamber of Commerce!

This pet store specializes in raising emotional support animals, while also providing extensive training to its customers. Founder Jackie Harrington not only teaches an onsite 2 year Pet first aid & CPR certificate program but is also licensed as a Breeder by USDA for safe puppy adoptions; plus she wrote 'How to Deliver and Whelp Your Puppies', which offers even more assistance for new pet entrepreneurs.

Such dedication has already earned Yorkie's worldwide recognition...and that was just at launch day!

As the pet industry in Austin-Manor flourishes, so does Jacqueline Harrington's Yorkies of Austin. But there is a growing danger: since early 2022, over 1,500 puppy scams have caused victims to lose more than one million dollars! In order to protect individuals wanting to welcome furry friends into their homes and limit further damage from scammers, Yorkies of Austin will provide invaluable advice on how best avoid falling victim.

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