The modern tech start-up business thrives on fast delivery, user feedback and being flexible with their ways of working.

However, to truly accelerate growth starts need an innovation driven environment or a community of likeminded people. Being part of a network is a source of mentorship, collaboration, and learning.

There is also the mental health benefit; one study from the University of California, San Francisco found self-reported mental health concerns present in 72% of entrepreneurs. Having a community to offer support and lending a ear to your issues can help keep focus.

Let’s consider these topics in more detail:

Collaboration and Mentoring

Mentorship is a great way of giving back to the community, it is becoming more and more popular for more experienced start up owners to offer mentorship to the up-and-coming tech brands. In fact, the practice is so well-regarded that 71% of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs to their staff.

A tech community attracts the best minds in the market who are always willing to offer words of advice and guidance. Being part of a community gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to find experts across a number of fields from, finance to marketing and even hands on engineers. There will always be someone who has seen your issues before, and you know what they say a problem shared is a problem halved.

Workshops and events

Being part of a network gives you the opportunity to tap into the local tech & business community. Events can be held in a variety of locations from local Universities to large enterprise business offices, giving you a wide range of individuals to network with.

Most professionals will agree that keeping a breast of the latest trends in the tech world is a priority to keep their projects ahead of the curve. It is also a fact that finding time to scan information across disparate sources can be an issue, this is where a focused online community will play an important role.

Tech communities focused on networking and interaction help their members find new ideas, sharpen skills, and remain at the cutting edge of new ways of working. So, if as a techie you’re still unsure about joining an online community, take the plunge and get involved, you will not regret it!

Be sure to choose the one which is able to leverage all the advantages of a large, active user base and access to the kind of experts that add value to your chosen area of expertise.

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