Austin is one of the biggest hotspots for new development and big tech in the country and we’re here to help! Let UPLIFT Desk create a professional design layout of your space that allows every person to work better and live healthier. We use industry-leading space planning software to design your office furniture layout. Whether you're designing an office for eight or 8,000, we're here to help.


Great work starts with a well-functioning workspace. No one understands this better than our founder, mechanical engineer, and Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), Jon Paulsen. Yet throughout his twenty years of workplace assessment and product design experience, Jon found a lack of companies with fulfilling and reliable customer service prepared to outfit ergonomically-evolving offices to their full potential.

Jon started The Human Solution in 2002 with the intent of designing, making, and bringing the best adjustable height standing desks and ergonomic products to the world. In 2011, UPLIFT Desk was born when we created our very own line of height adjustable standing desks with the goal of making industry-leading sit-stand solutions at an affordable price.

Since then, we've added ergonomic chairs, standing desk converters, and nearly every type of desk accessory you'd need -creating a one-stop-shop for healthy and productivity-boosting office furniture. In fact, we can design entire flexible office spaces for you with our space planning software. Our goal is to make UPLIFT Desk the brand you trust.

Our award-winning standing desks can be found in Fortune 500 companies and are rated #1 on Wirecutter, Forbes, and more.


The UPLIFT desk you invest in today is guaranteed to work for you well into the future as it's over-engineered to outperform. Each desk features a vertical travel range of over 25.5", one-touch operation, and fast height adjustment motion. Individual precision drive motors are built discreetly into every leg. These best-in-class components are built to last and feature a 15-Year Warranty.

Industry-leading anti-collision system: We've made substantial upgrades to our collision system and don't settle for typical anti-collision performance. UPLIFT's 6-axis electronic gyroscopic sensor in the control box measures desk movement instead of electrical current, eliminating false positives caused by "sticky legs'' in electric current draw-based anti-collision systems. Many competing desks require high-impact forces to stop the desk motion when the desktop is going up and even higher forces when it's going down. The UPLIFT collision system works exceptionally well in both directions. As a bonus, using a motion-activated collision system allowed us to significantly tighten the tolerance between the three telescoping stages of the legs. A more precise leg column means a more stable desk.

UPLIFT Desks are equipped with 3-stage legs that have a 33% greater height range and are 33% faster than competing 2-stage desks. Comfort and productivity are impacted if a desk doesn't travel low enough, high enough, or fast enough. The superior 3-stage leg design results in a highly capable desk with a large vertical adjustment range intended for frequent sit-stand transitions throughout each day.

The patent-pending accessory mounting point system allows for quick and sturdy attachment of exclusive desk accessories without the need to drill holes into your desktop. The addition of this mounting system transforms the UPLIFT Desk into a modular platform that's ready to attach our next must-have accessory that will improve your workday.

Tap into your desk's full potential with our Advanced Keypads, featuring:

  • One-touch movement (optional) - Tap a button to transition between sitting and standing height, without holding the button down. Lets you reposition your chair and get ready to stand while the desk moves.
  • Child Safety Lock - Prevent the desk from moving until deactivated
  • Min & Max Height Settings - Prevent your desktop from impacting shelves above or cabinets below
  • Auto-Dark Display - LED display will go dark 10 seconds after use
  • Desk Height Calibration - Calibrate the displayed height to account for the addition of casters
  • Anti-Collision Sensitivity Adjustments - Dial in the anti-collision system to be exactly where you need it
  • Programmable standing reminder - Keypad can buzz to notify you when it's time to stand.


Standing desks offer a happier, healthier way to work. No matter how much we focus on our health, the quintessential American work routine rarely allows us to harness the health benefits of movement. In comparison to a fixed standing desk, which can be just as bad for you as a traditional sitting desk, a height-adjustable desk cultivates the health benefits of movement by allowing users to freely switch from a sitting position to a standing position every hour or so. A growing body of research supports the benefits of standing desks and the myriad of ways they improve your life, from boosting productivity and preventing adverse health conditions caused by sedentary habits to increasing the probability of a pain-free workday by 80%.

By standing 15 minutes every hour, you'll start to feel the benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle without having to ramp up your exercise regimen or commit extra time to working out. If you really want to maximize your movement, using a desk bike for 30 minutes is a great option.

Many certified professional ergonomists will tell you, "your next position is your best position." The principle behind ergonomics is simple—fit thetask to the person, don't make the person conform to a poorly-designed task. By limiting the amount of time you spend sitting, and by focusingon movement through alternating your postures with a standing desk, you can reduce pain and strain while increasing your comfort levels atwork. Adjustability is essential in your desk, chair, monitor arm, and keyboard tray.

The numerous health, productivity, and ergonomic benefits mentioned above are the reason the UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk is at the heart ofeverything we do. It enables you to stand, sit, and move throughout the day, and when you do, your work surface will always be at the perfectheight for the task at hand. Chosen as the "Best Standing Desk" by Wirecutter, Forbes, Wired, and Lifehacker, our newest standing desk comeswith increased stability, safety, and reliability. Our "one-touch" height adjustment allows you to transition between sitting and standing with a tapof a button, and our steel frames are built with contract-grade quality to ensure that the desk you invest in today will help you live better andhealthier well into the future.


At UPLIFT Desk, we've been designers and purveyors of comfortable, healthy work since 2002. When we couldn't find a perfect height-adjustable standing desk, we decided to make our own. Working with a company backed by an ergonomic professional means that you benefit from our knowledge and years of design experience before you buy. UPLIFT Desk is part of a select group of office furniture manufacturing businesses that have a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) designing every product. Fewer than 1000 CPE's exist worldwide and, here at UPLIFT Desk, not only do we have a CPE on staff—he also has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and leads our team as our CEO. Whether you're constructing your entire workspace from scratch using our state-of-the-art desk builder or you're looking for dynamic accessories to give your office the ergonomic spark it needs, you can rest assured that the blueprint for every single one of our products was developed by an actual CPE with over 25 years of experience.

We're thrilled when we can help businesses meet their goals and help people grow to their greatest potential. Another beautiful aspect of our mission is that as your workspace evolves and leads you to achieve your goals, we achieve ours, too. We are both the manufacturer and the retailer. This allows us to deliver the best office furniture to you at the lowest price possible, letting you custom build your ideal ergonomic workstation for much less than you may think it would cost to work better and feel healthier. We have been here for you since 2002 and we stand behind our best-in-class UPLIFT Desk warranty.


Designed by a world-class engineering team led by a Certified Professional Ergonomist, we listened to you, our customer, to optimize our height-adjustable desks. Every UPLIFT product is built to offer durability, comfort, and the latest in workplace innovations that benefit our customers.

The V2 Desk has stability braces at the top of each leg for maximizing stability without the need for a lower crossbar between the legs. To provide the space needed for the stability braces, the leg orientation is inverted with the larger telescoping tube section at the top. These angular stability braces eliminate side-to-side wobble and replace the need for a lower crossbar.

For the V2-Commercial Desk to achieve a 3" lower starting height with a larger overall height adjustment range, our proprietary three telescoping leg sections were designed to be shorter and travel farther. Because of this, the telescoping leg stages overlap each other less than they do on the V2 legs. To compensate for less overlap, the V2-Commercial legs are thicker and connected by a lower crossbar. The end result is best-in-class stoutness that matches the award-winning stability of the V2 desk.

The C-Frame and T-Frame styles offer different benefits for different preferences, both are profoundly stable. The C-Frame Style is the most popular because it's designed with the legs and frame body offset to the rear, allowing for more leg room and more space for mounting accessories under the desk, between the front of the desk and the crossbar, that is just under the desktop and connects the two legs. We're talking about more space for accessories like drawers, storage cubbies, keyboard trays, and CPU holders.

The T-Frame design centers all parts of the frame under the desktop, with equal space in front of and behind the frame. The T-Frame style is typically utilized for conference tables, side tables, desks accessed from both sides, or when symmetry is desired at the expense of accessory mounting space under the desk and legroom.

UPLIFT Desk also offers a 15-year warranty on all products. Our showroom address: 2139 W Anderson Ln, Austin, Tx 78757.

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