At our annual A-LIST event, we recognize some of Austin's most innovative companies. In 2021, Mosie Baby was recognized as our outstanding emerging business award recipient. A business can apply for this award if they are founded less than 5 years prior and is still in the seed or angel stage of funding. Mosie Baby happened to have received the highest scores from our judges and was able to increase revenue by 80% from 2019 to 2020. Way to go, Mosie Baby!

Who is Mosie Baby?

Mosie Baby is the maker of the Mosie Kit, the first home insemination product clinically proven as effective as IUI and available over the counter without a prescription. Their vision is to remove the stigma associated with artificial insemination and to add Mosie Baby to the vernacular, establishing language to describe a way to make a baby with love through insemination.

Why did the Maureen and Marc Brown start Mosie Baby?

Learn more about Mosie Baby's founders and why they chose Austin.

Maureen and Marc Brown launched Mosie Baby in 2016 after struggling to conceive for years and a diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility. They simply wanted an alternative way to try and conceive at home prior to spending thousands at a doctor's office with no guarantees. When they couldn’t find it, they decided to make it. And that’s how Mosie was born.

Maureen and Marc chose Austin because Austin is home! Austin represents the things they value, music, creativity, and unconventional thinking.

  • Mosie Baby is committed to empowering people

    Mosie Baby is committed to empowering people with the tools they need to make their family on their own terms and to celebrating the many definitions of what it means to be a Mosie family. Mosie Baby empowers people on their journey by providing a safe and supportive community.

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