In an ever-fluctuating job market, employers and employees often struggle to meet in the middle. Employers want to provide well paying, fulfilling jobs that give their employees a sense of pride in working there, while employees want to know they are doing something impactful. For many employers, this feels nearly impossible when their primary focus is oftentimes on growing their business and maximizing profits. 

What is the solution for employers who are looking for a good way to engage their employees in a meaningful way and attract new hires that are excited to work there?

Skills-based Volunteering

While corporate giving and employee volunteer programs can be a way to engage employees and build a sense of purpose within the company, research conducted by Common Impact suggests that skills-based volunteering — when employees use their experience and expertise to help nonprofits — leads to more meaningful engagements that ultimately strengthen outcomes for employers, employees and the nonprofits they serve.

Traditional corporate grant making and volunteerism is often transactional and short, while skills-based volunteering is longer-term for potentially greater impact.

“The solutions that result from true skills-based partnerships are more sustainable and effective as they create lasting community change that does not come undone when partners part ways,” said Danielle Holly, CEO of Common Impact.

The Social Venture Partners Solution

Social Venture Partners is the largest group of connected donors in the world, providing skills-based volunteering opportunities for its members in over 40 markets. As an affiliate, SVP Austin partners with companies that are looking to give philanthropically and create meaningful employee engagement opportunities that not only enhance learning and skills development, but lead to happier employees.

Our corporate partners underwrite their local area employees to become SVP members, who then share their knowledge, skills and networks to help nonprofits/social enterprises achieve their impact goals. In turn, these employees deepen their skills, develop new ones, and gain community awareness through team-based advising engagements. All of which helps prepare them for leadership roles within their profession or community, such as becoming a nonprofit Board Member.

SVP Austin has been partnering with Atchley and Associates, a local CPA firm with a long history of doing good in the Central Texas community. Recently they became a Certified B Corporation as a way to further their commitment towards our community, social impact and the environment.

“Through our partnership with SVP Austin, Atchley and Associates’ employees and partners have been able to use their skills to make an impact alongside Austin nonprofits in our community. It's a win win — our employees feel fulfilled, and we can see the change we're making in Austin.”

Harold Ingersoll, Consultant, Atchley & Associates, LLP

More recently, Sailpoint, a leading cybersecurity company specializing in identity management solutions, became a corporate sponsor as well which included SVP memberships along with pro bono advising support for the company’s most recent nonprofit grantees. 

“One of SailPoint’s four Core Values is “Impact”, said Becky Harmonson, Senior Manager, Culture and Employee Experience at SailPoint, “We focus on results, not activity. Through our partnership with SVP, we’re able to make an incredible difference in our community. Our smart and savvy crew are eager to share their expertise to help the SVP network thrive. It really does take a village to make any venture successful. When we help set up great organizations for long-term, continued success—everyone wins.”

SVP Austin offers a unique partnership opportunity for companies that are looking to take their corporate philanthropy to the next level by incorporating skill-based volunteering into their employee engagement, attraction/retention, and community impact strategies.

Want to learn more about skills-based volunteering with SVP Austin and explore a business partnership? Contact them here.

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