Austin’s business community continues to grow and thrive, due in large part to a rich talent pool and a pro-business environment overall. For those of us who are part of this business community, we know that Austin also has a certain culture that rings distinct from other business-friendly communities. Collaboration, putting people first, and subscribing to the idea that “doing the right thing is good business” are all part of Austin’s unique success. As we continue to grow, keeping values like respect, integrity and honesty front of mind is more important than ever – and for the shining examples of businesses that do just that, it’s equally important to celebrate.

The Ethics in Business Awards are an Austin-area mainstay, shining a spotlight on companies and business leaders from all sectors who lead with values. Since 2002, the awards program has honored more than 250 individuals, nonprofits, and businesses of all sizes. More than that, keeping these examples at the forefront gives all of us the opportunity to share with each other, learn from each other, and share with each other.

For over a decade, the awards have been operated and promoted by Austin-based nonprofit RecognizeGood, whose mission is to illuminate the good in our community. Part foundation, part media group, RecognizeGood shines a light on the goodness within Central Texas and tells the stories of those often serving behind the scenes – individual volunteers, service groups, students, and businesses alike. Beyond its own reach, RecognizeGood also serves as the Storytelling Partner for Austin Gives, a celebrated business philanthropy initiative of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce that recognizes businesses for charitable giving, social impact, and employee engagement.

Today, RecognizeGood has honored thousands, and contributed over half a million dollars to local charities. The Ethics in Business Awards are the driver behind a unique partnership with Concordia University Texas, as hand-picked student leaders interview award candidates and present their findings to a selection panel made up of Leadership Austin alumni. This opportunity for selected students gives a significant boost in understanding of what makes up the building blocks of an ethical business, as well as the importance of aligning personal values with company values when choosing a career path.

The 2023 Ethics in Business Awards will be held on May 25th at the AT&T Conference Center. Select tickets and sponsorships are still available.

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