Distributing equity makes it possible for founders, investors, employees, and other contributors to own a piece of the company they are building. Equity plays an especially important role in the startup community, with billions of dollars being converted into company equity every year. With equity, you can generate significantly more wealth and with skin in the game, be more motivated at work too.

Negotiating equity has a direct impact on a company’s ability to grow. With a functional equity distribution plan, all parties involved will feel valued and committed to ensuring the company succeeds. No matter what the economic turbulence we’re facing today, be it the rise of inflation or an impending recession, the fundamentals of equity negotiation remain the same. And with today’s startups competing to attract and retain the best talent in a hot job market, understanding the ins and outs of equity has never been more beneficial.

In this guide, we discuss the most important things to know about the equity negotiation process for founders and the talent looking to join them.

  • The fundamentals of equity- common terms and the different types of startup equity available, who gets each type of equity, and the various ways to capitalize the most on stock options
  • Developing a strong negotiating framework
  • Insights from industry professionals in the tech, startup, recruitment, and venture capital space
  • Equity data on leadership roles based on their different series level
  • Current trends in the startup equity market that are predicted to impact the future of the broader equity landscape

Download your free copy of the guide here.

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