On April 9th we held a Ribbon Cutting with our friends from the Austin Chamber of Commerce and the LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Our CEO, Dave Johnson, our entire Austin and San Antonio Teams as well as 50 friends and family came to help us celebrate the opening.

Modern Family Law is keeping pace with the way families have changed. The modern family does not look like it did even 20 years ago. Modern Family Law is welcoming to all families and uses a compassionate touch in its approach to the practice of family law. Family law does not have to be contentious, and we try to help people get to the other side of a very difficult situation in a better place, with a new start.

Our CEO and founder Dave Johnson explains “We are a technology firm that practices family law. We utilize technology in everything we do and we specifically chose Austin as our foray into the Texas market because of the way the Austinites embraces the use of technology.”

“The thing I am most proud of is the way we can help people understand that this is one of the most difficult things they will do, but it also gives them a new start, a clean slate. You do not see that compassionate approach at most law firms” says Marie McGrath, Managing Attorney for Austin and San Antonio.

Modern Family has offices in Austin, San Antonio,, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Oakland, San Jose and Palo Alto.

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