There are so many questions centered around life after coronavirus. Opportunity Austin investors McKinsey & Company wanted to be a part of the conversation on business impact, the economy, and recovery. What will our well-being and recovery look like when returning to work? Find answers in the research pieces below.

  • The future of work after COVID-19

    Will we continue working remotely and in the same occupations?

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  • What's next for remote work

    Will remote work still be an option moving forward or even offered as an employee benefit?

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  • Recovery and lasting effects of COVID-19

    The pandemic upended long-standing consumer habits, but what happens once it's over?

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  • Five ways to design a better mental-health future for your workforce

    Let your employees embrace self-care, let help be accessible, and understand how to meet needs.

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  • Mental health in the workplace: The coming revolution

    Learn what leading companies are doing to get coverage for mental health right.

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  • Economic recovery

    Dashboard showing the regional effects of COVID-19 on key economic indicators from job growth to real estate and beyond.

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