Get to Know: The Company Connector

Posted on 02/13/2020 by Austin Chamber of Commerce

Chamber member the Company Connector, develops commercial relationships for businesses, educators, infrastructure and government both in the UK and abroad. Jeremy Taylor shares about the organization and doing business in Austin.

Q: What makes your organization unique?
A: Our ability to introduce you to great trade opportunities in the UK & beyond

Q: Why did you join the Chamber?
A: To promote international trade opportunities for members and to bring UK businesses to Austin

Q: What do you love most about doing business in Austin?
A: The attitude (& the food & weather!)

Q: What is the most exciting thing going on at your company right now?
A: Creating opportunities for businesses to export in new markets

Q: What can customers expect when they use your service/product?
A: Delivery ahead of schedule!

Q: What do you want your impact in Austin to be?
A: Create opportunities for Austin businesses to grow & create jobs

Learn more about the Company Connector.

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