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Posted on 06/17/2019 by Guest Author

Q: What’s your favorite Austin event to participate in as a company? If you haven’t participated in Austin events, what’s your favorite activity you do as a company?
A: We love the Best Places to Work events because we love to work with and celebrate great companies who genuinely care about their people. So much so that we are the presenting partner for our favorite Austin event, the Best Places to Work luncheon put on by the Austin Business Journal. We’ve partnered with the ABJ on this event for the past three years and we are excited to do so again on June 21.

Q: What your favorite food to cater at the office and/or events?
A: When we’re catering lunches in our office, whether we’re hosting clients, Austin business leaders or our amazing team, our go-to is Mama Fu’s. Their service is great and the food is topnotch. Add in the fact they’re a thriving, Austin-based chain – and that they’re a client – and it becomes a no-brainer. If we are hosting an event outside of the office, we love the atmosphere, food and service at Moonshine Grill. They do a great job.

Q: What makes Austin special to you as a company?
A: We are blessed with a booming economy in Austin and we are also blessed to be the #1 Executive Retained Search Firm in Austin. We are so thankful for both as an organization. But beyond the dollars and cents, our civic-minded community cares more about people than wealth, and that’s what really makes Austin stand out among other cities. We’re proud and grateful to call Austin home.

Q: What’s your current favorite Austin business? What should people go check out?
A: The two Austin-based businesses I can’t stop talking about right now are Chinook Seedery and Tecovas. Chinook has developed recipes and a process for roasting sunflower seeds that make them nothing short of amazing. Tecovas has taken the world by storm with their direct to consumer boots, belts, bags and now jeans. They’re both led by great people and their businesses are as “Austin” as they come. Both of them remind me of another client, Deep Eddy Vodka, right before that rocket ship took off!

Q: What’s one thing you want people to know about your company?
A: For folks who don’t know HireBetter, they will likely think of us only as recruiters, putting us in a one-size-fits-all bucket. But we are so much more than “just” recruiters. We truly help our clients “hire better” by taking a strategic approach to talent, including our Strategic Talent Planning and Executive Integration programs. We take a holistic approach to solve our clients’ business challenges, leveraging next-level talent and a focus on long-term relationships. We are passionate about helping our fellow Austin businesses reach their full potential.

Q: Favorite memory as a company?
A: I think our favorite memory as a company was the first time we flew the entire team into Austin, from all over the country. When we bought the company, the team was a distributed workforce, many of whom had worked together for 5+ years without ever meeting each other. It was fun to see the team together and witness first-hand the excitement of finally getting to meet each other in person. It was a day filled with laughter and joy, and it’s now a quarterly tradition!

Q: What do you want your impact in Austin to be?
A: We want to make a positive impact on everyone we come into contact with. Our mission is to impact lives by connecting and empowering good people to build great companies. It all starts with helping our clients build great teams and make great hires, so they can reach their growth goals and achieve success. This has a ripple effect, positively impacting each of our stakeholders, both monetarily and in non-monetary ways. Our stakeholders include: Client companies and their employees, including our candidates and their families; HireBetter and our team; our partners and vendors; and our community as a whole (Austin and beyond!).

Our sincere hope is that Austin is better because of HireBetter.

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