On July 1, Austin-based FlexPoint Consulting will celebrate our third anniversary. We’re grateful to have another year of equipping and enabling clients behind us – and looking forward to many more years!

Who We Are

FlexPoint Consulting was founded on the premise that there is a better way to support clients on their growth journeys. We aim to be a true partner to our clients — and an enthusiastic champion after our structured work together is complete.

In short: we make our clients the hero of the story.

We work hard to empower and equip clients with knowledge, frameworks, and templates so they can solve similar challenges themselves the next time.

We get to know our clients’ team and business before we start pitching ideas, and we work with them to develop tailor-made guidance and deliverables. Most of all, we strive to create lasting value through building our clients’ capacity throughout our work together.

What We Do

We help clients envision, plan, and deliver business transformation. Three recent project examples include:

  • Creating a three-year strategic plan with a Central Texas non-profit organization, working with them to conduct situational analysis, craft a vision for the future, and create a practical roadmap to achieve the vision
  • Providing product management leadershipin a multi-year loan servicing platform implementation, leading a blended team of client employees, contractors, and customers to envision, build, and deliver a new solution
  • Defining a technology modernization roadmapfor a manufacturing firm, where we understood existing IT systems and processes, painted a picture of how to enable internal and external customer needs more effectively, and built a roadmap to bridge the gap over several years

Whether it’s transforming their operating model, enhancing the customer experience, leveraging AI and automation to streamline operations, or designing and executing a large-scale digital transformation, our team jumps in and helps clients navigate the next step in their growth journey.

Our Ask of You

One of our favorite ways of engaging with the Austin community is through pro bono consulting services. We do this through FlexPoint Community Investment, offering three unique ways for non-profit and community organizations to engage with us, totally free of charge. This includes:

  • Strategic Advisory: We encourage non-profit organizations to schedule two hours per month of pro bono strategic advisory sessions with a FlexPoint leader.
  • Strategic Planning Workshops: We provide four free strategic planning workshops per calendar year, which is a particularly good enabler for board planning sessions.
  • Flexible Project Work: We work on pro bono projects within any of our core service offerings — with the understanding that the effort will be completed as our consultants have availability.

For our third anniversary, we’d love to add three Community Investment clients. If you are engaged with an Austin-area non-profit organization that can benefit in any of these areas, please send them our way!

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