First-time entrepreneurs making it in Austin

On August 21st, the Austin Chamber hosted the 19th annual Greater Austin Business Awards. With more than 125 nominees across 12 categories, we wanted to share some of the great things each of our honorees are doing. Today, we are focusing on the individuals who launched a business as a first-time entrepreneur and are a leader in that company.

Posted on 12/09/2019 by Austin Chamber of Commerce


For remote workers, there is no workspace solution that is both affordable and reliable in Tier 2 US cities, like Austin. Reset interviewed +50 people who work from home and cafes and discovered traditional co-working meets many of the needs of remote workers except for its prohibitive out-of pocket cost (without a stipend), while home offices are isolating and cafes are unreliable. The remote worker population is growing, and those without a stipend struggle to find a place to be productive.

Reset partners with underutilized spaces (like dinner-only restaurants) to create workspaces. By eliminating lease & build out costs, we provide a fully productive workspace at half the price of traditional co-working, while boosting local businesses. The company's approach is unique to remote workers as now their only options for workspaces include co-working spaces, cafes, and home offices. Reset pulls from the best of these three - a space just for work, as affordable as a cafe and the amenities of co-working.

Prowess Project

US Companies waste $544B+ in lost productivity. Many business owners and teams leads say that what they need is a cross between a COO & an executive assistant to help them streamline projects and boost team productivity so they can spend more time thinking strategically.

Prowess Project provides project management and business operations services for SMB companies. Its goal is to help teams streamline their projects and processes in order to work better as a team. Prowess has tapped into a pool of 3M+ women who took a break from their careers to raise a family and want to reenter the workforce. The company trains them in project management, emotional intelligence and tech tools, then virtually pairs them with companies who could use their expertise. Matching is based on skill set, personality indicators and timing.

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