Calling anyone interested in inspiring stories! Today we present a podcast episode that is both inspiring and motivating - "BoomATX Episode 45: Bobby Jenkins of ABC Home & Commercial Services" is an absolute must-listen!

Episode recap:

On this special episode hosted by BoomATX's Glenn Hart, we explore Bobby Jenkins - owner of ABC Home & Commercial Services. Bobby's life story serves as a testament to philanthropy's power. Bobby shares stories from his incredible journey and makes an emotional appeal to business owners in Austin region.

Bobby personifies a kind and compassionate entrepreneur, with a heart full of goodness. We follow him from humble beginnings to becoming one of the leading figures in our regional business community with an enormous heart for giving back and leaving a legacy of generosity that transcends profit margins.

Bobby emphasizes the significance of knowing and connecting with people. He provides insights on building trust and providing exceptional service in business as well as improving people's lives in general.

This episode goes beyond storytelling; it serves as a rallying call. Bobby hopes to persuade fellow business owners in the Austin region to join Austin Gives, the business philanthropy program of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, by pledging 1% of their profits to charities of their choosing and create positive change within our communities. As longtime Austin Gives chair, Bobby tells us about the recent partnership announcement between Austin Gives and global business philanthropy organization, Pledge 1%. The exciting collaboration will unlock a host of resources for Austin Gives members who seek to incorporate purpose into their business model.

"This is another great entrepreneur story, a family business chat and a great look into what a great human being is like,” said Glenn Hart. “Bobby's story is uniquely Austin and we could have no better city ambassador, even as one of the biggest Aggies around!”

In an age when success is often measured in financial terms, Bobby Jenkins reminds us that true success lies in having an impactful positive influence on others' lives. So get comfortable, find a quiet space, and prepare to be inspired! This episode invites viewers to become part of an inspiring movement of giving back, led by someone whose heart is as big as Texas itself.

Listen to the Podcast Here:

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