Does your business have a corporate giving strategy? Why is this important?

Data indicates corporate philanthropy is crucial for a company’s brand
perception and attractiveness to customers, employees, and investors. In
today’s socially conscious business environment, it is expected that
businesses demonstrate commitment to purpose in addition to profit.
Purpose-driven companies have a higher employee retention rate, enjoy a
faster brand value growth rate, and are more appealing to current and future

Austin Gives is a movement housed within the Greater Austin Chamber of
Commerce to provide a community for generous businesses within the Austin
region to learn best practices and network with other like-minded businesses.
We invite businesses of all sizes to pledge 1% or more of their pre-tax
earnings, product or services, and/or volunteer time to charitable causes of
their choosing. There is no cost to join and it is easy to take the pledge.

The 2023 Austin Gives Pledge 1% campaign will run the month of April and
we invite your business to join the movement. Take the 1% Pledge and share
your commitment publicly to encourage others to join because doing good is
good for business and our community.

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