On Wednesday, November 16th, we looked ahead into 2023 and discussed what our national and local economy might look like. We heard about potential opportunities as well as challenges to be prepared for as the economy continues to evolve and the market changes.

Featured Speakers

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Panel Discussion

Our panel discussion was moderated by Community Impact's John Garrett, featuring speaker Dr. Mark Dotzour, PIMCO's Thomas Schuette, and the Austin Chamber's very own Charisse Bodisch.

Q: One of the keys to our success is education. How do we address education funding?

Thomas Schuette
: "Important decisions are on the way about how to properly recover from COVID and retain teachers. The same labor shortages in the private sector have hit the public sector."

Q: We've had success recruiting businesses; what are we are seeing now?

Charisse Bodisch
: "We have had two banner years in recruiting companies. Multiple large companies with generational investments. Now we have the supply chain to support those businesses coming here"

Q: Why are we seeing so much growth in population, not only in Texas, but in the United States in general?

Dr. Mark G. Dotzour: "There is this huge global funnel of jobs and wealth that are moving back into the United States, which is new and different from the pattern of outsourcing we have seen the last 25 years."

Economic Outlook Event Recording

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