U.S. Rep. Williams shares updates; biggest concern around Federal debt

Posted on 08/13/2018 by Drew Scheberle

U.S. Rep. Roger Williams recently spoke to Chamber Federal Advocacy Council members during a Pulse on Policy series event.

“Life is retail,” he said. “You have a great product, but lots of people have great products. If you care more and work harder, you can prevail. Austin worked really hard to secure the Army Futures Command thanks to a big team led by the Austin Chamber of Commerce. I was proud to be a part of the team.”

Williams provided updates on federal tax legislation, Dodd-Frank reform legislation and his recent tour to Iraq to meet with “the next ‘Greatest Generation’” of deployed Fort Hood Soldiers.

On infrastructure, Rep. Williams said the United States has $7 trillion in improvements, the private sector can help with the financing, the Highway Trust Fund is “busted,” and he supports directing repatriation of corporate overseas earning as a revenue source to replenish the Trust Fund.

Rep. Williams also reiterated his strong public opposition to tariffs, calling them a tax increase; he discussed a recent meeting with White House trade advisors Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro.

On immigration, Rep. Williams discussed his support for a flexible visa program to replace the current lottery system.

Rep. Williams closed with comments about his greatest concern: the $20+ trillion federal debt. He called on both parties to achieve a budget in line with revenues.

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