An all-of-the-above strategy

Planning for future growth and ensuring people can move around and into our region with ease instead of being stuck in traffic or having to connect at a different airport to get to or from Austin will help us remain competitive.

  • Local

    In 2016, City of Austin voters approved a large-scale transportation bond program to address rapid growth and ease congestion along key corridors. Through a “Contract with Voters,” we continue to play an active role, ensuring that projects are on time, on budget, achieving the metrics identified in the Contract, and consistent with what voters approved.

    Project Connect is a regional vision that identifies corridors for significant transit investment. We will continue to evaluate the vision as it evolves, assess whether it is a cost-effective way to meet the region’s needs, and help to educate the public and inform city leaders as Project Connect takes shape.

  • State

    We advocate for project delivery and funding that supports urban congestion relief and enables innovative transportation technologies.

  • Federal

    We ask that Congress fix the Highway Trust Fund permanently and support the Move America Act to include new, long-term sustainable infrastructure funding based on up-to-date population figures.