Our priorities

  • Affordability

    We support an updated land-use plan that requires the city to work faster and smarter. This will enable the expedited construction of enough commercial and residential units to meet Austin's projected population growth, keeps prices affordable, and provides regulatory predictability while maintaining Austin’s character and quality of life.

  • Air services

    We are working to accelerate the master plan implementation and expansion with a focus on greatly increasing the number of available gates. We continue to partner with ABIA to develop and expand domestic and international service.

  • Mobility

    In 2016, City of Austin voters approved a large-scale transportation bond program to address rapid growth and ease congestion along key corridors. Through a “Contract with Voters,” we continue to play an active role, ensuring that projects are on time, on budget, achieving the metrics identified in the Contract, and consistent with what voters approved.

    Project Connect is a regional vision that identifies corridors for significant transit investment. We continue to evaluate the vision as it evolves, assess whether it is a cost-effective way to meet the region’s needs, and will help educate the public and inform city leaders as Project Connect takes shape.

  • Permitting

    We will work with city leadership and city hall staff to support the work of Development Services Department and advocate for consolidated authority so housing can be delivered more quickly and affordably.

  • Talent development

    We work with partners like Austin ISD, Austin Community College, Travis County and Workforce Solutions to expand talent upskilling so more people can fill available job opportunities and experience the prosperity that allows them to provide for themselves and their families.

  • Collaboration

    We will work together with our elected officials and policymakers to ensure our region remains a national leader in job creation and help people become more prosperous.