We are thrilled to announce featured speakers for the highly anticipated 2023 Austin Gives Awards. Sara Rodell, founder and CEO of Loop & Tie, is a native Austinite who ventured to New York and recently returned to her roots, Sara brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in reimagining corporate gifting. Her innovative company, Loop & Tie, has been revolutionizing the gifting experience for over a decade, offering a choice-based approach that benefits small businesses, underrepresented business owners, and nonprofits.

Sara is not just a successful entrepreneur but also a passionate advocate for mindful commerce and creating meaningful connections through gifting. As the CEO of Loop & Tie, she has dedicated herself to transforming the traditional, wasteful, and impersonal corporate gifting landscape. With her extensive experience and commitment to making a difference, Sara is set to inspire and educate the Austin Gives community.

Loop & Tie, under Sara's leadership, is at the forefront of a movement to reimagine corporate gifting. The company offers a unique alternative to the standard one-size-fits-all gifts. By providing a choice-based gifting experience, Loop & Tie allows gift recipients to select a gift that truly resonates with them. This approach not only fosters a sense of appreciation but also supports small businesses, underrepresented entrepreneurs, and nonprofits

Sara will have the opportunity to share her philosophy and insights with the vibrant Austin business community. She will offer tactical advice and practical strategies to activate business leaders and inspire them to incorporate mindful commerce principles into their organizations. With her engaging presence and expertise, Sara is poised to make a significant impact on the Austin Gives community.

Loop & Tie's dedication to making a positive difference extends beyond its innovative gifting platform. As a proud member of Pledge 1%, a global movement that encourages businesses to be forces for good, Loop & Tie actively contributes to social impact initiatives. Sara's company is also a new member of the Austin Gives community, demonstrating her commitment to supporting the nonprofit community.

Senator Cornyn will also join the Austin Gives event to highlight the importance of corporate philanthropy and provide an update on his work in the United States Senate. Senator Cornyn has served the people of Texas for nearly four decades as a district judge, a member of the Texas Supreme Court, and Texas Attorney General, before representing the Lone Star State in the U.S. Senate. He will present the 2023 Bobby Jenkins Philanthropic Leadership Award to longtime friends, Tomi and Pete Winstead, for their remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment to serving the Greater Austin community. To read more about their commitment to philanthropy, click here.

We eagerly anticipate hearing from our distinguished speakers and the valuable insights they will share, empowering the Austin Gives community to create a positive impact through their businesses. This event is sold-out. You can join the waitlist here.

Annual Austin Gives membership is free and open to any Central Texas business that pledges to give 1% of time, product or services, or profits to charitable causes of their choosing. Join here.

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