Get excited to learn about the ways companies are innovating at the Austin A-LIST Awards, happening on May 23rd. We are excited to introduce to you our "bootstrapped" A-LIST finalists. These companies were built from the ground up from only personal savings, luck, and cash from beginning sales. These businesses have done it all on their own without any outside funding.

Our 2023 bootstrapped finalists share their reasons for choosing Austin as their home:

  • As a fast-growing company, 49 Financial highlights the abundance of start-up energy and top talent that can be found in Austin. The city's many colleges and universities are strategic partners for the company and a vital resource for recruiting new talent. As the company continues to scale, the centrality of Austin as a central hub for its bi-coastal offices is also a significant advantage.

  • GetScale emphasizes three main attributes they were looking for in a city to grow their business: an abundance of great talent, an attractive place to live, and a right-sized business culture. Austin fit the bill perfectly. The city's vibrant culture, balanced lifestyle, and business-friendly environment make it an ideal location for their team.

  • This social good enterprise was founded in Austin and has thrived in the city's unique and kind community. The company's founder recognized the city's values of positive change, community service, and a willingness to address issues such as equality. Austin's innovative solutions, with its vibrant tech culture and sense of community, make it the perfect location for Kiro Action's mission.

  • Loot Rentals, an event furniture rental company, chose Austin as its home because of the city's forward-thinking, outside-the-box mentality. Austin's young professional community, heavy emphasis on relationships, and focus on creating inspiring spaces made it a natural fit for Loot's mission to create event furniture that enhances connections between people.

  • Urban Betty chose Austin because of the city's reputation as the number one place to work and live in the US. The city's thriving economy and creative culture made it the perfect location to bring their vision to life.

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