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The Austin Chamber of Commerce is located in the Hilton Austin Hotel at
535 E. 5th Street, Austin, TX 78701

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Main Numbers

512.478.9615 FAX

Michael W. Rollins, President 512.322.5615
Vicki Segna, Senior Vice President, Operations 512.322.5605
Allison Scharf, Database Manager & Administrative Assistant 512.322.5626
Terri Bolin, Manager, Lobby Operations 512.322.5659
Simonne Leal, Lobby Operations 512.322.5612
Jan Riepen, CFO & Senior Vice President 512.322.5640
Valerie Ferguson, Accounting Manager 512.322.5664
Cathi Hight, SVP of Growth Strategy & Investor Relations 512.322.5618
Robert Watts, Vice President 512.322.5689
Lon Breedlove, Development Director 512.322.5619
Cara Briggs, Special Events Director 512.322.5613
Ron Morelli, Director of Member Intelligence 512.322.5633
Melanee Ferrier, Membership Engagement & Programs Manager 512.322.5684
Estar Upia-Parham, Membership Coordinator 512.322.5682
Felipe Cantu, Senior Membership Account Executive 512.322.5639
Melissa Howard, Membership Account Executive 512.322.5678
Dana Skillman, Membership Account Executive 512.322.5623
Mike Berman, Senior Vice President, Communications 512.322.5646
TJ Filipowicz, Vice President, Communications 512.322.5692
Callie Simpson, Design Director 512.322.5690
Molly Mehlenbacher, Interactive Marketing Manager 512.322.5645
Economic Development
Charisse Bodisch, CEcD, Senior Vice President 512.322.5608
Beverly Kerr, Vice President, Research 512.322.5641
Chris Ramser, Director, Research 512.322.5662
Stephen Kreher, Senior Director, Economic Development 512.322.5681
Kyle Schulz, Director, Economic Development 512.322.5650
Julia Campbell, Director, Economic Business Development 512.322.5663
Arthur Jackson III, Director, Economic Development 512.322.5611
Callie Turley, Director, Economic Development 512.322.5687
Beth Burfeind, Coordinator, Economic Development 512.322.5680
Global Technology and Innovation
Michele Skelding, Senior Vice President 512.322.5657
Jonathan Packer, Director, Global Technology and Innovation 512.322.5677
Emily Weisz, Coordinator, Global Technology and Innovation 512.322.5655
Jeremy Martin, Senior Vice President 512.322.5630
Federal/State Advocacy and Education/Talent Development
Drew Scheberle, Senior Vice President 512.322.5628
Gilbert Zavala, VP, Education & Talent Development 512.322.5644
Kwee Lan Teo, VP, Talent Development & Acquisition 512.322.5624
Dana Harris, VP, Federal/State Advocacy 512.322.5647
Andrew Feller, Director, Education & Talent Programs 512.322.5638
Jose Carrillo, VP, Regional Business Advocacy 512.322.5693
Andy CantĂș, Director, Regional Mobility 512.322.5685
Austin Gives
Beth Krueger, Director 512.322.5683
Greater Austin Economic Development Corporation
Please call: 512.322.5626

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When consumers know that a small business is a Chamber member, they are 44% more likely to think favorably of it and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company (Shapiro).