The Austin Chamber of Commerce is focused on creating a strong economy and business climate so people can live, work, and thrive in Austin. This includes advocating for a city where everyone feels safe. Austin’s economy, quality of life, and reputation hinge on the ability and willingness of elected officials, police officers, and community and business leaders to work towards solutions that keep Austin safe, promote tourism and business prosperity, and ensure justice, equality, and respect for all.

The Austin Chamber board believes advocating for these items are essential for our community’s public safety.

Secure a long-term contract with the Austin Police Association.

Austin is best served by our officers having a long-term contract. The Chamber advocates for the establishment of a long-term contract with the Austin Police Association, recognizing the importance of providing officers with a secure and predictable employment framework. A long-term contract will foster a sense of stability and commitment within the police force, ultimately enhancing the city's overall public safety efforts and reinforcing the crucial partnership between the community and its dedicated law enforcement professionals.

Implement policies and procedures that help fill police officer vacancies.

The Chamber advocates for the implementation of strategic policies and procedures aimed at filling police officer positions. The Chamber supports initiatives that streamline recruitment processes, offer competitive incentives, and foster a positive work environment for police officers.

Ensure a healthy criminal justice system.

The Chamber believes that for effective law enforcement and crime prevention, all elements of the criminal justice system must operate collaboratively and cohesively. This includes law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, correctional facilities, and community engagement initiatives. By ensuring coordination among these components, Austin aims to create a criminal justice framework that not only addresses criminal activities but also promotes fairness, transparency, and community trust.

Commit to shared accountability and responsibility.

Austin should have a police force that is well trained and well compensated. In addition, our officers should be held to the highest standards. The community overwhelmingly voted to improve police accountability, and every effort should be made to ensure those improvements are made.

Support mental and behavioral health.

The Chamber acknowledges the need to provide clinically appropriate services for individuals with behavioral/mental health issues and protect our healthcare clinicians who serve those individuals such as police, EMS, firefighters, and emergency room clinicians.