Vancouver 2008


Vancouver Overview

Former Mayors Discuss Tipping Point Decisions for Vancouver

Emergence of 'Live First' Downtown from a Private Sector Viewpoint

'Vancouverism' High Density Development: Intended & Unintended Consequences

Utilizing Public/Private Partnership Solutions to Serve Public Interests

Regional Town Centers - Managing Growth in Fast Growth Suburban Communities

Regional and Sustainable Planning – What Worked, What Didn't, What is Being Done Differently

Providing Affordable Housing In Downtown

Public Safety – Downtown and Around the City

  • Councilor Kim Capri, City of Vancouver
  • Geoff Plant, Civil City Commissioner, City of Vancouver

Providing Arts and Cultural Opportunities

  • Sue Harvey, Managing Director, City of Vancouver Cultural Services Community Services Group

Creating the Vancouver Economy

  • Simon Pimstone, Chairman, Life Sciences BC
  • John Tylee, Director of Research & Communications, Vancouver Economic Development Commission
  • Kenton Low, President, NewsMedia BC

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