We are excited to hold another Business Owners Council meeting for the business community. Join us for this month's Business Owners Council Meeting. This monthly meeting is a great chance for Owners, Founders, Principals, and CEOs to connect, share insights, and contribute to the growth of our council.

Unlocking Resilience through Reinvention: Tim Hamilton's Journey with Praxent

Join Tim Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Praxent, for a compelling two-part narrative of transformation and triumph in the financial services sector. In 2020, after two decades without a clear strategic direction, Praxent made a daring pivot towards specializing in financial services. Tim will candidly share how this shift initially led to a staggering loss—halving both their team and revenue—and how these challenges set the stage for a remarkable comeback.

In the first segment of his talk, Tim will explore the painful yet enlightening journey from significant loss to profound learning, highlighting the critical insights gained about business positioning, strategic focus, and the power of niching.

The narrative continues with Praxent’s rapid growth phase, which unexpectedly outpaced their processes, sparking intense debates within the company: Was it a people problem or a process problem? This dilemma forced a radical reevaluation and reinvention of their processes. In the second part of his presentation, Tim will delve into how these challenges were not just overcome but became catalysts for defining what truly sets Praxent apart at its core.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from Praxent’s experiences—how a business can turn its most challenging moments into opportunities for defining and refining its essence.

  • Featured Speaker - Tim Hamilton

    Tim Hamilton is the Founder and CEO of Praxent, a premier fintech product engineering firm dedicated to enhancing the user experience and efficiency of financial systems. Specializing in software product engineering and digital innovation, Praxent partners with leaders in banking, wealth management, fintech, insurance, and lending to transform their service delivery. Since its inception in 2000, the company has worked with over 500 clients, distinguishing itself through its dynamic CAN DO culture and high client satisfaction.

    Residing in Austin, TX, Tim actively leads the firm’s strategy and operations, leveraging his extensive background in Management Information Systems and Economics from the University of Texas at Austin. A trusted advisor in digital innovation and organizational leadership, Tim is committed to guiding both clients and early-stage entrepreneurs toward success.

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