In the heart of Austin's thriving tech scene, Concordia University Texas offers a blend of academic excellence and practical preparation for aspiring computer scientists. With a curriculum emphasizing communication skills alongside technical expertise, Concordia Texas students gain a competitive advantage in securing lucrative careers in the growing field of computer science.

Emphasis on practical skills and flexibility

Concordia Texas's computer science program offers a Bachelor of Science or Arts in Computer Science, and it is designed to equip students with both foundational knowledge and practical skills essential for success in high tech. Plus, the computer science program at Concordia Texas gives students the flexibility to earn a degree online or on campus.

Courses range from programming in Python, app development, information security, cloud computing, to advanced studies in data science and data analytics. Additionally, courses in human-computer interaction and data visualization prepare students to create software and applications that prioritize intuitive user experiences.

Concordia Texas also believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped to excel in various careers in information technology. Through the computer science curriculum, students develop leadership qualities and enhance their presentation and writing skills.

Real-world experience

One of the hallmarks of Concordia Texas's computer science program is its emphasis on hands-on learning. Through internship opportunities, students gain invaluable experience working alongside industry professionals, honing their skills in real-world settings. The university's innovative capstone courses, sponsored by leading tech companies like Atsec Corporation and Amazon, provide students with the opportunity to tackle authentic projects, further enhancing their readiness for the workforce.

Location advantage

Located in northwest Austin — often dubbed Silicon Hills — Concordia University Texas provides students with unmatched access to job opportunities and professional networks in the tech industry.

The university's strategic collaborations with leading tech companies enhance networking and career growth, offering students an invaluable advantage in a competitive job market.

Thanks to Austin's thriving tech scene, Concordia Texas computer science graduates are in high demand, frequently landing roles at prestigious firms even before they complete their degrees.

Austin, which is the birthplace of tech giants like Dell, now hosts significant operations from other industry stalwarts such as Apple, Oracle, and Tesla. This dynamic presence of industry leaders enhances the academic experience at Concordia Texas and opens pathways for students into the heart of technological advancement and career opportunities.

Comprehensive support

Concordia Texas’s students also receive personalized attention and support from faculty members who are experts in their field and dedicated mentors. With small class sizes and a focus on individualized learning, students have ample opportunities for one-on-one interactions with professors, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

On top of that, the university's commitment to holistic education ensures that students develop strong communication, collaboration, and leadership abilities, in addition to technical skills. Integrated writing, communication courses and leadership classes prepare students to excel in diverse professional settings.

Building on success

The success stories of Concordia Texas computer science alumni speak volumes about the quality of education and opportunities the university offers.

Obtaining a computer science degree from Concordia University Texas not only provides students with a solid foundation in technical skills, but also equips them with the communication, collaboration and leadership abilities necessary for success in the fast-paced world of technology. By focusing on emerging fields like data science and analytics, Concordia Texas continues to adapt its curriculum to meet the evolving needs of the computer industry.

With a growing program and a track record of placing students in prestigious positions, Concordia Texas is at the forefront of preparing the next generation of tech leaders.