As Austin continues to be a thriving business hub, the challenges of traffic-heavy commutes and limited or expensive parking also continue to rise. The CapMetro for Business program, an innovative initiative from CapMetro, can help you meet your sustainability goals and offer commute options for your employees. Especially if you’re currently recruiting in Austin, set yourself apart from the competition by branding your company as an environmental leader and public transportation sponsor.

Empowering Businesses, Elevating Employees

The CapMetro for Business program aims to make commuting more accessible and affordable for both businesses and their employees. Companies can purchase transit passes in bulk at discounted rates and choose to subsidize public transportation passes for their staff on a sliding scale, depending on their budget.

CapMetro offers both digital and physical passes for employers to purchase. Digital passes can be distributed online and activated by your employees within the CapMetro app. View more info on pricing here.

Promoting Sustainability

Partners like Google, Meta, The Driskill Hotel and Wild About Music, provide low-cost, eco-friendly transportation options for their employees.

Choosing CapMetro for Business isn't just a wise financial decision in a city where parking is limited; it also demonstrates a company's commitment to sustainability. By encouraging employees to opt for public transportation, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner and greener Austin.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Help employees save on commuting costs by setting up a pre-tax transportation benefit to pay for transit fares. The pre-tax deduction can be combined with a partial or full subsidy from the employer. Please contact your benefits or payroll provider about setting up a pre-tax transportation deduction.

Transit Advertising Opportunities

Beyond pass subsidization and bulk purchases, CapMetro also provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to amplify their brand visibility through Intersection. Let your brand become part of the Austin vibe; a moving billboard taking your message right where you want to be seen. By featuring ads on buses, trains and other transportation vehicles, companies can tap into an engaged and diverse audience while supporting public transportation. These advertising opportunities put your company’s imagery and message in front of thousands of riders daily as well as thousands of visitors and influential companies who use transit to get around during international events like SXSW, the U.S. Grand Prix and Austin City Limits. Inquire about transit advertising opportunities here.

More Opportunities for Community Partnerships

CapMetro for Business is just one facet of CapMetro's commitment to the community. If you’re a nonprofit organization, CapMetro is dedicated to working with your budget to deliver important and necessary messages to the community and riders. CapMetro has an inventory of unused transit advertising space on its vehicles. They leverage this space to raise awareness for the mission of participating organizations and support CapMetro's strategic priority for being a valued community partner.

CapMetro discounts the cost of advertising space by 50% for all 501(c)(3) organizations, a nonprofit corporation in accordance with the Texas Business Organizations Code, an unincorporated nonprofit association and Texas governmental entities. CapMetro Cares is their initiative to support local non-profits by providing advertising space on transit vehicles to raise awareness about causes aligning with CapMetro’s values as an agency. CapMetro is open to building relationships with nonprofit organizations that have a similar mission to provide a valuable service to the community. Participation in the program is provided at no charge to approved non-profit partners.

CapMetro created the Community Partnerships Program, a limited opportunity for qualifying nonprofit organizations to utilize available space on CapMetro vehicles without the usual fee for the public service announcements.

Supporting the arts

Art enhances rider experience and illustrates how CapMetro is part of the fabric of Central Texas by celebrating the arts, cultures and heritage of the communities in the service area. CapMetro collaborates with Central Texas artists to bring alive the areas around transit facilities and services through the CapMetro Art and Music program. The program creates inviting public spaces that people want to return to, supports local artists by commissioning and compensating them for their work and increases a sense of home and belonging for people who live in these neighborhoods.

As the heart of Texas business, Austin is a city that thrives on innovation and collaboration to stay resilient to exponential change. By partnering with CapMetro, businesses can provide valuable benefits to employees, save on parking and commuting expenses and play an active role in reducing the environmental impact of their operations. Start the partnership here today.

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