At Texas Mutual Insurance Company, the state’s leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance, we believe that our strong position in the market gives us the force to do good—for our policyholders and their workforce, agents, providers, Texas Mutual employees and communities across the state. That’s why we’ve launched our first-ever corporate citizenship strategy outlining the focus areas and commitments that will guide how we will drive toward creating a stronger, safer, more resilient Texas.

To identify our commitments and ensure our focus on material issues, we searched for areas of alignment among Texas Mutual’s risks, assets and expertise, and the needs and desires of our stakeholders. To address these needs, we’ve committed to combining the power of Texas Mutual’s business operations, philanthropy, and partnerships to focus on four areas of impact.

Supporting working Texans – today and tomorrow

We are committed to addressing issues that impact Texas employees to ensure everyone has access to affordable health care, safe working environments, and what they need to seize opportunities for prosperity. We’re working to achieve this goal by:

  • Utilizing a compassionate care model that puts injured employees first
  • Providing grants to Texas nonprofits that are supporting working families
  • Offering innovative safety services to our policyholders
  • Improving access to health care through our provider network and new health subsidiary, Texicare

Developing the insurance talent of the future

We believe dedicated insurance professionals are making Texas a stronger, more stable, and secure place for all of us. As generations of insurance professionals retire, it is critical for our industry—and our company—to develop the insurance talent of the future. To support this goal, we’re:

  • Focusing on listening to our employees and evolving our culture
  • Providing resources to support our employees in their career growth
  • Offering work-based learning opportunities like trainee, apprenticeship and internship programs
  • Involving employees in skills-based volunteering programs

Leading with trust and credibility

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity by delivering on our commitments and showing up for those who rely on us. As a company, we show integrity by:

  • Abiding by a governance structure modeled on corporate best practices
  • Protecting the workers’ compensation system
  • Safeguarding stakeholder data
  • Supporting our communities through employee giving, volunteering and charitable sponsorships

Strengthening the Texas economy

We know that we only succeed when the businesses of Texas succeed, so we make our business decisions based upon what is good for our long-term success and the long-term success of the state of Texas. We’re working to strengthen the state’s economy by:

  • Remaining a competitive force in the workers' compensation market
  • Providing grants to Texas nonprofits supporting workforce development and safety training
  • Promoting disaster preparedness and supporting response efforts
  • Putting money back into Texas businesses and the economy through our dividend program

We’re grateful to our policyholders, agents, community partners and employees who share in our mission and make these efforts possible. To learn more about the philosophy behind our corporate citizenship strategy , view our 2023 corporate citizenship strategy. To see our work in action, visit

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