Octapharma, one of the world’s leading plasma collection and human protein product manufacturers, is inviting the public to the grand opening celebration of Austin’s first Octapharma Plasma location. The ribbon-cutting will take place on Thursday, June 13 at 9:30 a.m. The Austin location joins a fleet of more than 175 centers in 34 states, including 22 others in Texas.

As a part of the celebration, members of Octapharma Plasma senior leadership will travel from the North Carolina headquarters to attend and give remarks.

The program will include a ribbon-cutting ceremony, center tour, and an opportunity to speak with residents that helps Octapharma Plasma carry out their mission to improve the quality of life of everyone it serves through the life-changing power of plasma. Refreshments will be served.

About Plasma

Plasma is the liquid part of blood carrying antibodies, clotting factors, and proteins through the body. Plasma is used to treat numerous rare and life-threatening conditions and diseases including cancers, hemophilia, autoimmune diseases, and burns, among others.

About Octapharma Plasma, Inc.

Octapharma Plasma, Inc., a subsidiary of Octapharma, manages the collection and transport of plasma donations used to develop life-saving pharmaceutical therapies for patients globally. Founded in 2007, Octapharma Plasma is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. The company operates more than 175 plasma donation centers across the United States and serves more than 650,000 unique donors annually. Octapharma Plasma is committed to educating communities about the importance of plasma, while offering a comfortable and convenient donor experience. For more information, please visit: www.octapharmaplasma.com