The Austin Chamber of Commerce and Opportunity Austin launched a new open access platform in August to track and measure the successful growth of our ecosystem, powered by Dealroom.

The aim of this platform is to provide information and to support the startup ecosystem in Central Texas. We know the power of data in unlocking potential, and this startup database is specifically designed to support scaling tech communities with reliable intelligence and new insights.

With this in mind, we are reaching out to entrepreneurs in the Austin region to visit the platform and ‘claim’ their company’s profile. Claiming a profile allows founders or company leaders to review and update the data, ensuring that the most accurate information is available to the ecosystem and to prospective investors both locally and globally.

Keeping your Austin Ecosystem Platform up to date helps to improve a company’s Dealroom Signal.

The Dealroom Signal is a predictive algorithm to discover the most promising companies based on growth, hiring, timing, and team composition. Dealroom describes the Signal as follows:

Rather than creating a score about a startup’s general quality or performance, Dealroom Signal is aimed at surfacing the most promising upcoming funding opportunities. The algorithm is therefore calibrated to find companies showing strong traction and which are predicted to be lining up for a funding event, or that are round-ready.

As a founder you may be wondering how you can improve your Dealroom Signal.

Step 1: Access your company profile

Go to

To access your profile through the account settings, click on your name (or picture) on the top right corner of the page. Click on the “Your companies” button and click on the company name.

You can also find your company profile using the search bar on the top of the page.

Step 2: Edit your company profile

Once you are on your company profile you can start editing the information by clicking on the pencil button on the right-hand side.

This will display a window with all the editable sections of your company profile. You have the option to update your profile details like the profile picture, company name, address, financials, funding rounds, team, etc.

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