We support

  • Startups

    We support legislation that would accelerate the commercialization of university research and creative inquiry and review, improve the regulatory processes at the federal, state and local levels, and modernize a critical Economic Development Administration (EDA) program.

  • Entrepreneurship & innovation

    We support federal legislation that drives university-private sector partnerships, translates research into commercial initiatives, and creates jobs. We also support instituting a pilot program within the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program to improve access for small business innovators.

  • Data privacy

    We support federal legislation that ensures companies use personal data responsibly and transparently through a security and corporate accountability framework.

  • Broadband

    We support pro-investment, competitively neutral tax and public policy reform that removes barriers to infrastructure deployment, encourages private investment, and expands all high-speed internet services.

  • State investment

    We support partnerships between private industry and academia and the Governor’s University Research Initiative.

  • Regulations

    We support evaluating existing regulations unnecessarily inhibiting technology innovation, encouraging the use of industry-developed global standards in regulation, and strengthening STEM education to support our growing need for highly-skilled workers.