The primary use of virus testing for businesses will be to test employees who develop COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone who is known to have been infected.

Should my employee get tested?

Many resources are available to help businesses determine whether an employee needs to get tested.

City of Austin COVID-19 Assessment

Texas Health and Human Services COVID-19 Self-Checker

Where can my employee get tested?

The enrollment, referral, and testing through Austin Public Health are FREE. Drive-through tests will be by appointment only and scheduled through the Austin Public Testing Enrollment Form.

Austin Public Health Testing

Additional testing sites

Texas Testing Centers

Antibody testing

Babson Diagnostics

Personal Protective Equipment

What kind of PPE should I provide employees and customers?

There are various types of PPE available depending on your industry's specific needs, including face masks, face shields, infection control barriers, and gloves.

Does my business qualify for free or discounted PPE?

Austin Emergency Supply Foundation, a 501(c)(3), provides free masks to small businesses and organizations in Austin that cannot afford masks and sells masks to those who can.

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Where can I purchase PPE?

These vendors are not an exhaustive list of PPE producers.

Face masks

Essentium 3D
Armbrust American

Clean Zone Masks

Gallery One Point

Face shields

Visual Lighting Technologies

Infection control barriers

Laird Plastics


Health Essentials USA
OES Equipment
Regal Plastics