Opportunity Austin announces facility expansion and growth of The Acutronic Group

The aerospace manufacturer expects to double its investment in Austin over the next two years

Posted on 08/05/2020

AUSTIN, TX — Opportunity Austin, the Greater Austin Chamber's five-county economic development initiative, today announced the expansion of The Acutronic Group, a world-class manufacturer of aerospace components and motion simulators.

As part of a multi-million dollar investment, Acutronic will expand to a 26,000-square-foot facility at 1100 E. Howard Ln. In addition, Acutronic expects to double its employee base to 25 people over the next 18 months. The manufacturer previously occupied an interim space near the Texas Capitol.

“Acutronic’s continued growth bolsters our region’s defense and aerospace sector," said Austin Chamber/Opportunity Austin Senior Vice President of Economic Development Charisse Bodisch. “This demonstrates how the Austin community fosters innovation and how Opportunity Austin continues to diversify our economy and create new jobs.”

The expansion will accommodate engineering offices, assembly lines, and the first dedicated test-cell for micro-turbines and hybrid-electric generator sets for use on drones and next-generation urban mobility aircraft.

“We are incredibly proud of our Austin location, in close proximity to the U.S. Army Futures Command and the city’s vibrant technology industry,” said Acutronic Group CEO Florian Aigrain. “This expansion will allow us to design and manufacture actuators and micro-turbines for use on some of the nation’s most exciting aerospace and defense programs.”

About Opportunity Austin
Opportunity Austin is the economic development initiative aimed at fostering job-creating investment in the five-county Central Texas region. Top priorities include boosting economic diversification to proactively strengthen the economy, deepening the talent pool through development and attraction, and keeping the Greater Austin region attractive to entrepreneurs, business leaders and site selectors through advocacy on issues such as a comprehensive regional transportation system and regional collaboration. Since 2004, Opportunity Austin has helped bring more than 400,000 jobs to the Austin region. Learn more about Opportunity Austin here.

About The Acutronic Group
Acutronic has a proud history of building and investing in the technologies and teams that are crucial to the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries.

Acutronic’s Motion Simulation & Test Division is the global market leader in the development, design and manufacture of Inertial Guidance Test Systems and Hardware-In-The-Loop motion simulators. These high-precision motion simulators are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics industries to test and calibrate inertial sensors (e.g. gyroscopes and accelerometers that measure movement); Inertial Navigation Systems; stabilized electro-optics; Electronic Stability Control systems; and in-flight engagement scenarios of missiles. Systems include single- and multi-axis rate tables; Flight Motion Simulators; and Target Motion Simulators. The Division’s U.S.-based team also develops and refurbishes stabilized or gimballed-platforms utilized in applications such as tracking mounts, gun turrets, and directed-energy systems.

Acutronic’s Aerospace Components Division develops and manufactures specialty components for use on unmanned and optionally-piloted aircraft. These products are used on next-generation aerospace programs and include a range of electric power systems, servo-actuators, micro turbines, and Hybrid-Electric-Propulsion-Systems. Acutronic Aerospace offers standard products and excels at designing highly customized solutions for demanding mission requirements.

The Acutronic Group employs about 200 employees, across sites in Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Switzerland; Germany; and India.