Austin Chamber statements on election results

Posted on 11/07/2018

Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Phil Wilson released the following statements about last night’s election results:

"We congratulate those who prevailed in yesterday’s elections including Gov. Abbott, Mayor Adler, and all those elected to school boards, city councils, and to positions at the state and federal level. We look forward to hearing more from the candidates in the elections that are headed to runoffs.

"Voters came out in near record numbers to have their voices heard and elect many leaders who are interested in solving problems and working towards priorities Central Texans support including job creation, transportation solutions, reducing governments role in impacting affordability and planning for the future. Our focus in 2019 will be working with our elected leaders to help every generation prepare for work in an economy that is constantly evolving. When our community, job creators, and government leaders work together, we can accomplish big things."

Ballot Propositions

“The Greater Austin Chamber Board of Directors has long supported community priorities that help us plan for the future. We are pleased that voters in Austin approved Propositions A and G addressing the affordable housing and transportation infrastructure needs of our city and voted down Proposition J regarding our land development code.

"Even in light of a tax increase, voters elected to support all bond measures and increased the city’s tax rate. While the other propositions have merit, this tax rate increase adds to our growing affordability challenge and kicks the can down the road again when it comes to addressing an immediate need for the future stability of our city.

"As our economy continues to evolve and Austin continues to be a destination for job creators and talent, we must take steps to ensure we are still a city where everyone can find opportunity. This means having a city, a land-use code, and an economy that plans for the future, is open to job generation, allows for people to find work to support their families, and has adequate transportation infrastructure.

"Passage of Propositions A and G and the defeat of Proposition J are a step in the right direction. We will continue to work with our elected leaders to pass a land-use code that plans for the future and to help every generation prepare for work in an economy that is constantly evolving.”