Austin Chamber of Commerce receives grant for workforce development initiatives

Posted on 12/13/2021

Texas Mutual awards $100,000 to Quality of Life Foundation Austin

AUSTIN, Texas—The Austin Chamber of Commerce, through its Quality of Life Foundation, has been awarded $100,000 from Texas Mutual Insurance Company. This grant is a part of a $2M request for proposal (RFP) initiative that has awarded 44 organizations statewide.

“We’re incredibly grateful to Texas Mutual for granting us the funds to progress the important work that the Chamber is doing for workforce development,” Laura Huffman, president and chief executive officer of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, said. “This funding ensures our programs can focus on doing the work that is vital to this region: reducing unemployment, growing the region’s talent pipeline, and seeking out more opportunities for career growth. Through these initiatives, the Austin region will continue its rapid expansion into new industries and remain a hub for job seekers and employers around the world.”

This grant will support a number of workforce development initiatives to grow the talent pipeline in Central Texas. This grant will support the launch of the “512 Career Bridge” platform to engage local businesses, career professionals, and schools to help K-12 students, job-seeking adults, and the general public explore in-demand jobs, attend career panels and events, and other career-related opportunities.

To be eligible for grant funding, organizations were required to be based in Texas, be a 501(c)(3) designated organization, and able to demonstrate they are actively delivering assistance and services to Texas communities.

For a full list of workforce development and safety training grant recipients please visit


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