Austin Chamber board endorses three proposed Texas constitutional amendments, opposes two local ballot initiatives

Posted on 10/17/2019

The Austin Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors has announced its support for three proposed amendments to the State of Texas' Constitution related to cancer research, proposed amendment six, public education, proposed amendment seven, and the creation of a flood infrastructure fund, proposed amendment eight.

“State Propositions 6, 7 and 8 would provide more funding for cancer research, public education, and flood prevention," said Austin Chamber Board Chair Brian Cassidy. "Each issue is important to our community, our region, our state, and the economy. Our board is proud to endorse these amendments and we encourage Texans to vote 'yes' on these propositions.”

The Chamber board also announced its opposition to two local ballot initiatives related to the use of public land for community activities, Proposition A, and an initiative that would prevent the much-needed convention center expansion, Proposition B.

“The Chamber helps create jobs across the region so people can pay their bills, provide for their families and so they, and our community, can become more prosperous," said Cassidy. "The two City of Austin propositions stand in direct opposition to building community prosperity. Proposition A would create an unnecessarily high burden for community groups that pay to use city-owned facilities. Proposition B would make it impossible to expand the convention center, hurting our reputation as a premier destination for conferences, and costing the city revenue from lost future business. We encourage Austin voters to vote 'no' on both of these propositions.”

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