Austin Partners in Education

The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and the Austin ISD founded Austin Partners in Education (APIE) in 1983. The primary function of APIE is to recruit, train and place volunteers in the classroom once a week, every week of the school year.

Once screened and trained by APIE, volunteers provide academic support to students in a small interactive group learning model via Classroom Coaching programs. This year, more than 850 Classroom Coaches join an additional 800 mentors as APIE volunteers in Austin ISD.

APIE's College Readiness program is communicating with more than 1,147 families this school year in Austin, helping them understand the importance of college readiness. The College Readiness team provides outreach, advising, and tutoring to help students who have passed exit-level tests and are graduation ready but have not scored high enough on tests to meet the state's requirements for College Readiness under the Texas Success Initiative. The College Readiness Program will help hundreds of students in Austin graduate high school college ready this year, saving them the time and expense of developmental courses upon entrance to college.

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