Utility Incentives

Area municipal utilities and cooperatives may offer financial incentives to qualifying customers. These economic development riders and business incentive plans are designed to encourage industrial and commercial development by providing additional start-up cost savings to large users of natural gas and electricity. Utility cost reductions can also be a benefit of Enterprise Zone projects.

Austin Energy, serving customers in the City of Austin, offers customers the option to select a portion of their electricity from clean, renewable or "green" energy sources through its GreenChoice program. GreenChoice customers receive a fixed GreenChoice charge over a long term that replaces the variable fuel charge tied to fuels that are subject to market volatility, like natural gas. Austin Energy has the number one green power program in the country, with sales double the amount sold by the second and third place programs combined. Green building design consulting and commercial energy management services are provided free to customers. Companies may also qualify for conservation rebates or low-interest loans.