There is no getting around it, it is a strange new world out there. And while there is plenty to mope about, it is exciting for us to pivot and embrace the challenge of it all. It is no longer a viable option to rely on typed recipes and in-person visits to explain preparation. An explanation of order and process isn’t always translated when you can’t be in-person to demonstrate.

Zoom has been a total game-changer for our team. This mess forced us to find new avenues to communicate and I am so grateful for that. To explain preparation and train kitchen staff for consistency and quality, our "cooking classes" hit pinpoint details that couldn’t be expressed in writing, photographs, or phone conversations. The ability to see each step of a dish being prepared and explained in real-time lead us to immediate results of what was incorrect in the preparation as well as how to deliver the guest their food without waiting a long period of time. Time is extremely important because we are a special occasion restaurant. There is a huge joy in being able to celebrate big events, but it also carries a lot of weight if we destroy the memory that’s trying to be made while at our restaurant.

Another fun thing about Zoom- technology is the great exposer. If I want to see how the food is harvested, processed, packed, or even what the boat looks like, I can do a Zoom walkthrough. I can even look at temperatures- it is amazing. By doing this, I am able to make sure everything arrives at the restaurant safe and sound with health and sanitation being first in mind. If I’m going to serve something, I want to know everything about it.

Months ago, we made the decision to commence what I like to call Operation De-Goop. The challenge was to simplify and clean up our menu to showcase the gorgeous seafood and steaks that we take a lot of time and effort to seek out. Operation De-Good meant we would stop cooking our items with a lot of cream, butter, laden sauces, and toppings. People want new and exciting things that aren’t readily available at the local grocery store.

In the past, and I freely admit it, we have worked with products simply for “food nerdism.” We have long standing relationships with craftsmen who are as committed to us as we are to them. They are extremely proud of what they produce and have a deep love of the planet and respect for the animals involved. To see what we mean, hear the story of our scallop guy, Dan from Raw Seafoods Inc.

Anyhoo, I have taken up more than enough word space- we can get into individual seafood and meat operations at another time. Stay safe, stay kind, and stay demanding for the best of the best. It is a beautiful world out there and everyone deserves to experience it.

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