TEL has a culture of giving back to students and the community at large. TEL's pay-it-forward culture at the leadership level reverberates throughout the entire organization, and many of their employees come from humble beginnings and have the desire to help the next generation realize their full potential.

They believe that it’s important for companies to be engaged with building our community, and this engagement grows trust and confidence with future talent who may not have direct access to resources to pursue career growth.

TEL's Senior Manager James Mulhall, who is also a Chamber 2020 Volunteer of the Year, speaks to their local efforts:

Most of our engagement in education/schools/upskilling programs in Austin comes through requests from affiliated organizations, and our employees work with organizations like ACC Technology, Texas State University, Wayside High, Capital Area Workforce Solutions, St. Edwards University, TSU SPARK Program, F1 in Schools, and Semi High Tech U.

Their initiatives and programs help seed the future of TEL and the tech industry at large with talent. They also allow TEL the opportunity to impact the development of next-generation engineers and tech professionals by building the skills needed to support the ever-changing demands of high tech.

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