Q&A with Decent

Posted on 11/06/2019 by Austin Chamber of Commerce

Chamber member, Decent is a health insurance provider for self-employed individuals and their families. Read up on Decent and the company's place in Austin:

Q: What makes your organization unique?
A: Decent provides affordable health plans for self-employed professionals (freelancers, sole proprietors, and 1099 contractors) and their families, with premiums up to 50 percent lower than market rates. Decent offers year-round open enrollment to ACA-compliant bronze and silver plans that include unlimited free primary care visits with a personal doctor, and has an ever-expanding network in Austin featuring HCA/St. David's and Austin Diagnostic Clinic. We are located in East Austin and proud to serve Austin's thriving self-employed community.

Q: Why did you join the Chamber?
A: To connect with other Austin-based self-employed workers and businesses.

Q: What do you love most about doing business in Austin?
A: Austin has an independent spirit we love and share at Decent, along with the fastest-growing skilled self-employed community in the country.

Q: What is the most exciting thing going on at your company right now?
A: Our 2020 plans are the most affordable comprehensive plans in Austin for nonsmokers.

Q: What can customers expect when they use your service/product?
A: The best value in the market, including unlimited free primary care with your personal doctor, and a team of people who understand Austin and care about you.

Q: What do you want your impact in Austin to be?
A: Decent wants to make it easier for self-employed people to do what they love.