The Austin Housing Conservancy has recently appointed Monica Medina as its new President. Monica is excited to leverage her extensive experience in banking and non-profit leadership to support Affordable Central Texas’ mission of providing affordable housing to the Austin community. We are excited to introduce the Austin Housing Conservancy and share how Monica will be helping Austin solve one of its most pressing challenges.

Established in 2018, the Austin Housing Conservancy is dedicated to preserving affordable housing options for middle and moderate-income families. Recognizing the pressing need to address the city's affordability crisis, the organization employs an innovative and market-driven approach. By leveraging private investment, they acquire existing multifamily rental properties, ensuring that rental rates remain within reach for Austin's workforce while generating reasonable returns for investors.

Her personal experiences and professional accomplishments have deeply influenced Monica Medina's journey toward joining the Austin Housing Conservancy. Growing up in a lower moderate-income, single-parent household, Medina intimately understands the daily financial struggles many Austin residents face today. With more than 20 years of successful banking experience in Austin, she has reached a point where she can utilize her talents, connections, and expertise to bring about positive change in the lives of others.

Medina's tenure in the banking sector has equipped her with invaluable insights into economic cycles and financial markets, having worked closely with businesses of all sizes and industries beyond her non-profit leadership roles, including board service for organizations such as Helping the Aging, Needy, and Disabled. Medina has held leadership positions in various financial institutions. Her responsibilities have involved growing and leading teams, developing and executing national business development strategies, and managing substantial portfolios.

The Austin Housing Conservancy aims to preserve 10,000 units of affordable workforce housing within the next five years. By focusing on the needs of moderate- and middle-income workers, who form the city's backbone, the organization aims to address the affordability crisis plaguing numerous families in the community.

As the Austin Housing Conservancy continues to work, the Austin community can anticipate a more accessible housing landscape, fostering stability and prosperity for its residents.

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