Minero.io recently partnered with AAF Austin for the 2022 Big Wigs Awards on October 12th, 2022, successfully launching a unique and one-of-a-kind awards experience. Each winner of the Austin Big Wigs Awards received a unique NFT award designed by artist Ryan McCulloch and the Minero Inc. team. Big Wigs winners successfully collected and displayed their personal achievements through Minero’s user-friendly Web3 platform. In addition to Minero’s platform, winners also have the option to add them to their social media.

In light of this success, the AAF Austin and 10th District chapters selected Minero Inc. as their trusted partner for their American Advertising Awards in 2023. Both chapters will be utilizing the Minero.Inc NFT platform to certify their awards. This is the first time AAF Austin has used NFT awards.

Minero’s inclusive Web3 framework is in the process of expanding both locally and internationally. They recently partnered with Wunderkeks a local favorite in Austin. Wunderkeks co-founders, Luis Gramajo and Hans Schrei, are both members and activists in the LGBTQ+ community and have worked tirelessly on their safe space mission. Minero resonates with these beliefs and highly values diversity.

One of the first international NFT markets Minero has begun to expand into is Mexico – with their recent partnership with IAB Mexico. Minero will participate as a presenter of several award categories during the celebration of the XV IAB Mixx Awards, in addition will deliver an NFT Award to the winners and judges for the first time in history of the festival.

Minero Inc. is a full service Web3 creative group that focuses on NFT technology for business, marketing, education, authentication and certification purposes.

To stay up-to-date with future news and developments, please email demo@minero.io with the subject line “ATX NFT Tech.”

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